Who thought a game about doing insane drift with your car would be so minimalist and satisfying. At first, I wasn’t sure that this game will get smooth and will give you such a nice experience with cute little toy looking cars. Continue reading this review to know more of my own experience about it.


Yeah, this game is so much pastel coloured. But the thing is that in only one or two minutes of gameplay in this world, you instantly get immersed and relaxed by this white mat colour. The developer of this game knew that after a while, it would get boring to see only white and white so he got some pastel colour into it. Trough red and colourful objectives and dark and gloomy levels. That makes all the contrast you need to enjoy those redundant colours. Later in the game, you can also unlock new colours for your own car to not get bored with it and do fun stuff in the overworld with many jumps and destructive objects. The developer knew what he was doing with contrast.


When I called the game to be Zen, it’s not only in the art style but also in the choice of the music. Every sound in this game is so well ported, from the drifting tires to the electronic lounge house beat, your ears will get some shivers. Every time you boot another level you are capped by a new relax music to feel every corner of the track. The music is well chosen to get a perfect feeling.

– If the title of this game was about his art, it would be called: ZEN –


So freaking smooth. Although I only played with a controller, I think it’s meant to be played on them. It’s a game that we call “Easy to learn, Hard to master” genre. I also wanted to get everything right after every level. I kept pushing myself to get those juicy achievements and scores. I played on PS4 and PC. I was stunned at first when I tried it at my friend.


There is one. I know it’s weird but it’s a short story to become the said “DRIFTIN MASTHAR”.

– I played this game for about 12h00 –


I was addicted for the weekend I got the game. I was enjoying every bit of the soundtrack and the smooth control they put in it. When I do all the achievements in a game is such a good thing that the game is kind of addictive.


The game is about 13,00$. I think that works so well with the fact that I got all the achievements in about 12h00 of gameplay. I enjoyed almost everything in this game. I have nothing more to say about this game, it’s good, that’s all.



3 / 3

You should definitely try it.



– Almost no story (not a good argument for this type of game).
– I encounter a glitch at every start of all tracks that the car goes backward if you keep accelerating before the car drop on the ground. (It’s fixed in the latest patch.)



– So much smooth.
– So much Zen.
– Amazing music for the type of game.
– Good price.

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